• Scarlet

    Red, Pleated, Rose Textile Detail...Need I say more?

      Scarlet is a part of a collection inspired by the children rose sellers in Lebanon who a generally Syrian Refugees or from poor Lebanese Families. For every product purchase from Ilham A Ismail, not only will you be dressing yourself in a beautiful jacket, but a child in need in Lebanon as well. 


      Scarlet has only been produced once so you will be able to flaunt your unique one of a kind jacket to the world ! Ilham Ismail uses a very unique textiles technique throughout all of her previous work and is also utilised in this jacket. A detailed pattern of rose petals is hand cut and fused onto the surface along the side panels of the jacket. It symbolises the fallen petals you find all throughout the city of Lebanon, fallen off the bouqettes carried by the children. 

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      We are determined to make every customer happy so we will deal with each case indivdiually. Please email to forward your concern so we can reach a positive solution. 

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