A Couple of Makers 

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Our Story

Welcome to an exciting collaboration between a husband and wife. We have decided to start something together in line with our beliefs. The consumerism, mass production, money orientated world we are currently living in has made us take 2 steps (or 2000 years steps) back to a time where hand craft was highly valued.

We decided to combine our practices (fashion design and furniture cabinetmaking) to bring you a space which is pure, that you know you are supporting a small Muslim family of 4 who are working endlessly every minute of our free time doing something we believe in.

Everyone was gifted a talent and we believe that talent is something we need to give back to you, to help the world progress for the better, to clean up corruption, to see more smiles instead of tears and give back to God who has given us more than we deserve. 


We always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.